B&W Zeppelin Air — A Short (sort of) Review

B&W Zeppelin is one of those devices that really catch one's eye. It can't remain unnoticed, but it doesn't make a good impression. When we saw it in a store today, our initial thought was that it's a beautiful toy for people willing to spend too much money (€600!) on what basically is just a fancy iPod docking station. Didn't expect to cycle through the narrow streets of downtown Groningen holding my left hand on a shaky old handlebar of a borrowed oma fiets, and another one on a big white ‘Bowers & Wilkins’ box semi-attached to the rear rack an hour later.

On the subjective hi-fi quality

Every now and then different people ask me about an opinion on buying hi-fi components. Be it headphones for their portable mp3 players, amplifiers or mini-systems, I'm a local authority (a proud one, I must add). Perhaps it's because I'm a nerd obsessed with sound quality, or perhaps I'm judging people by their hi-fi systems, anyways I thought I'd share a few general advices for everyone. First of all, let me remind everyone one more time, that buying hi-fi is by no means similar to buying computer hardware.