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AWS Cloudformation template for Counter Strike GO server

I spent an evening writing a cloudformation template for Counter Strike Global Offensive linux server. No, I don’t have a life. Yes, you will thank me next time you play with your friends and the laptop cannot handle more than 5 players. (AWS t2.micro handles 6 players easily, and you can always throw a c4.large at the problem which is still about $0.13/hr and handles, well, just about anything). The template sets up a single EC2 instance of type t2.

Cheating in LetterPress

I’ve been trying to hone some web-development skills the last few days, and yesterday evening I read about a particularly elegant Python microframework called Flask. I read the tutorial, did some stackoverflow searches and hacked a very simple (borderline trivial, actually) app for cheating in LetterPress in just a few hours. The code that runs the whole application is merely 50 lines long, and that’s only because I’m adhering to PEP8’s blank lines policies.

My Diablo III Experience

I’m not a big gamer, I seldom buy and play computer games. There aren’t many titles that engage me for more than a couple of days, but those that do, however, I keep coming back to for years. That’s the case with my favorite games, such as ADOM, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Grand Theft Auto series (only in 3D) and Neverwinter Nights. I was told that Diablo is a similar kind of game, the one that you keep coming back to, so since the long awaited Diablo III premiered last night, I figured I could give it a try.