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Sallandse Heuvelrug

·Amsterdam, NH·1 min
I’m starting a new series of posts where I’m gonna highlight my favorite gravel routes in The Netherlands. Today, it’s Sallandse Heuvelrug, a great route in one of the national parks in the eastern part of the country.


100 Kilometres on Gravel

·Arnhem, GE·1 min
Yesterday Karolina and I took a longer route than usual, and did a 100 kms over gravel, fire roads, and bike lanes around National Park Veluwezoom and Hoge Veluwe (Arnhem/Ede area).

New Year's Day cycling

·Voorthuizen, GE·1 min
First time ever: gravel ride on a frosty New Year’s Day morning! Happy 2021! 🎉


Dehydration—a cautionary tale

·München, BY·3 mins
I’ve been riding bikes for a very long time, and although I’ve had breaks, I can safely say I’ve been riding bicycles throughout my whole life.


Speed and aerodynamics

·Bergen, Vestland·2 mins
Companies selling "speed" and "aerodynamics" to dudes who only ride on the weekends, rather than selling them an experience. — John Watson (@JohnProlly) June 10, 2014 I used to laugh at people paying $7k for bicycles with handmade steel frames and all the hype that surrounded the whole NAHBS community.

Strava is helping to build better bike lanes

·Bergen, Vestland·2 mins
Wired: Current methods of counting cyclists take a ton of time or a ton of money. The DOT can videotape traffic and have someone sit at a monitor and count cyclists, or it can send someone to sit on the sidewalk and watch them go by in real time.

Winter Sports

·Bergen, Vestland·2 mins
I don’t ski,1 and every winter doing any sorts of sports becomes a major problem. This year I’m trying to change that.


On Racing Bergen-Voss

·Groningen, GR·2 mins
That’s me riding the final climb of Bergen-Voss 2013 race, the famous road from Granvin to Voss and its hairpins around Skjervsfossen.