Thoughts on the Line6 HX Stomp

Some time ago I wrote about my journey from your-perfectly-adequate-2nd-violin player to your-perfectly-mediocre-yet-very-loud electric violin player, and I mentioned that my setup has been evolving. I started with individual pedals, I then switched to using a multi-effects pedal and now ended up with a hybrid solution.

The multi-effects pedal in question is the Line6 HX Stomp, and this post is about how I use it and why I find it to an amazing, versatile, and superb value piece of gear.

Line6 people, if you’re reading this, I am happy to take your money.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that I use the HX Stomp with electric violin and a bass guitar. YMMV with other instruments, although I think most of the comments below are universal.

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Non-classical music playing guide for classically trained musicians

I went to music school as a kid. Ages 7 to 13 I studied classical violin and basics of music theory. I played in duos, trios, and orchestras. Even as a college student, despite my amateurish skills, I’d still find decent orchestras I would join and play many concerts with. All this, despite my slight disdain for classical music with its pompous ethos and pretentious audiences. I stopped playing after moving abroad about a decade ago, leaving my violin behind me, thinking the music performing chapter of my life was over.

Imagine my surprise when some years later I found myself jamming cave music with my friends, now a software engineer at the age of 34.

What if you are, like me, a classically trained musician who’d, too, like to indulge themselves in cave music? What’s your path? And how hard would it be?

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