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·6 mins
I’ve already mentioned my linux-related laptop problems some time ago.

On Haskell

·6 mins
Although I’ve always wanted to become a professional programmer, I never became one.

Emacs as the Ultimate LaTeX Editor

·6 mins
This article gets a lot of hits, but it’s been a while since I wrote it and I haven’t been using Emacs or LaTeX in years.

Norway in the eyes of a foreigner

·5 mins
After a long period of searching for a PhD scholarship I finally got a great offer from Bergen University College, and in the 2nd half of March I’ve joined the staff of Department of Computer Engineering as a member of DISTECH research group.


How I stopped being a desktop linux enthusiast

·3 mins
It’s actually about “how I’m stopping to be a desktop linux enthusiast”, because I’m still using linux on my desktop/laptop, and I still think it’s a much better solution than any Windows OS.

·2 mins
I’m paranoid about backups and I have good reasons for that.