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The world is a funny place

So there I was having a lunch at ‘Shanghai Dumpling’ at Taipei 101, when suddenly one of the girls sitting at the table next to mine said: ‘Hey, you’re welcome to eat our dumplings if you want to, because they’re too sweet for us, and we’re quite full anyways’.

Macbook Pro After 6 Months

Some readers of this blog probably know that for a very long time (ca. 1998– 2010) I’ve been a devout linux user.

Philosophy of Social Sciences and Norwegian Mountains

I’m back in Bergen after a week spent literally in the middle of nowhere, or simply at Vatnahalsen hotel. I was attending a PhD course in “Philosophy of Social Sciences” and let me tell you a little bit about it.

In Defense Of The PhD

Recently there’s been a lively discussion on why do people pursue PhD studies, is it good (for them and for the society), is it optimal (for the society and for the universities), and so on.

Why I Can't Stick To One Web Browser

Because they all suck. I think Opera is my favorite browser. I’ve been using it for many years, it’s fast, cross-platform, it was the first browser to support tabs, [speed dial]( http://en.


I’ve already mentioned my linux-related laptop problems some time ago. Some things changed since then. Canonical released a new version of Ubuntu, 10.

On Haskell

Although I’ve always wanted to become a professional programmer, I never became one. I studied philosophy and went into a PhD programme in computer science because of my interest in formal logic.

Emacs as the Ultimate LaTeX Editor

This article gets a lot of hits, but it’s been a while since I wrote it and I haven’t been using Emacs or LaTeX in years.

Norway in the eyes of a foreigner

After a long period of searching for a PhD scholarship I finally got a great offer from Bergen University College, and in the 2nd half of March I’ve joined the staff of Department of Computer Engineering as a member of DISTECH research group.