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How the iPad ruins my travel experience

·4 mins
I travel a lot, be it for work or pleasure, and one of the things I particularly enjoy when I’m transferring at my favorite Schiphol airport is visiting bookstores.

New Violin

·6 mins
I’ve been playing violin since I was 7.

·1 min
I like auto-fill-mode and even have it customized for LaTeX-mode in my Emacs configuration.


A eulogy for Maemo/MeeGo

·4 mins
A long, long time ago, when I was still very enthusiastic about desktop linux and free software in general, an idea of a linux-based cellphone or a ‘palmtop’, as they were called back in the day, was something the FLOSS community dreamed of.

The world is a funny place

·1 min
So there I was having a lunch at ‘Shanghai Dumpling’ at Taipei 101, when suddenly one of the girls sitting at the table next to mine said: ‘Hey, you’re welcome to eat our dumplings if you want to, because they’re too sweet for us, and we’re quite full anyways’.

In Defense Of The PhD

·6 mins
Recently there’s been a lively discussion on why do people pursue PhD studies, is it good (for them and for the society), is it optimal (for the society and for the universities), and so on.