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MFA tokens in your terminal

·München, BY·2 mins
All the stuff described here I learned from my dear colleague Giulio. I’m sharing it here because it’s cool, and because I don’t think he’d share it anywhere other than our internal mailing list.

“Hunger makes me a modern girl”

·München, BY·2 mins
I know Carrie Brownstein through “Portlandia,” a quirky sketch show she’s been doing with Fred Armisen for the last couple of years.


·Warszawa, mazowieckie·1 min
Abhishek Jain asks Stack Overflow about the differences between zlib, gzip and Zip, and gets a fascinating and very insightful response from none other than Mark Adler.


·Warszawa, mazowieckie·1 min
After many, many years of careful consideration, my lovely fiancee and I decided to get married. I’m posting this with a 1-month delay, because we were busy with climbing, working and traveling a lot.

AlphaGo wins with Lee Sedol

·München, BY·2 mins
Google Deep Mind’s AlphaGo won two games against the world go champion, Lee Sedol. This is a ginormous triumph of statistical methods in general and machine learning in particular over “symbolic AI.

Go vs. Scala

·München, BY·2 mins
One of Go’s features is that it doesn’t have an excess of features, and frankly, I think that feature is undervalued.

No more LaTeX

·München, BY·3 mins
I made jokes about this before, but it actually happened: since I no longer use LaTeX, I removed it from my laptop and got rid of the config from my .

Best Jazz Albums of 2015

·München, BY·6 mins
In the spirit of 2015 summaries, I felt like sharing my recommendations for the best, in my view, jazz albums of yesteryear.


AWS Cloudformation template for OpenVPN server creation

·München, BY·4 mins
Are you traveling for Christmas to a country where Netflix/Hulu isn’t available? Are you worried you might resort to violence against your own family once you’re fed up with them?

Blogging Again

·München, BY·2 mins
Manton Reece: By creating a blog, you’re making a statement that you care about something I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis for many months now, primarily because I was busy with my PhD, depressed with my PhD, depressed about looking for a job or busy with my new job, but also because I wasn’t really sure there’s a point in having a blog in the first place.