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Blogging Again

·2 mins
Manton Reece:


·6 mins
A couple of weeks ago my company sent me over to London for 6 weeks to do some project work for one of our clients.

·1 min
Yesterday Dropbox announced that they will close their Mailbox app and service in February.

New Atheism

·1 min
Stephen LeDrew wrote an interesting post about the influence the so-called “New Atheism” movement had on society, pointing out some intriguing similarities between our militant atheists and, surprisingly, the far right wing conservatism.

·1 min
Hossein Derakhshan writes about how reading on the web changed in the last few years and makes a ton of great observations:


·1 min
I was about to write a blog post about how indifferent I became towards different text editors, and how I don’t really care anymore whether I edit code with emacs, vim, Sublime or even Atom.

The dawn of my camera

·9 mins
I like taking photographs, and I *love* cameras.

Ornette Coleman Dies at 85

·2 mins
It is with great sadness that I read the news about Ornette Coleman’s death.


·3 mins
On Thursday, April 30th I successfully defended my thesis on “Agents that Play by the Rules” and was awarded the title of PhD.

·1 min
Dell announces another in its series of “developer laptops” with Ubuntu pre-installed.