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“Twilight of Democracy”

·2 mins
Here’s what’s good about Anne Applebaum’s new book: it’s anecdotal in all the right places.

VS Code

·3 mins
The best, most entertaining and immortal topic in software engineering is back!

We should cherish email

·4 mins
Recent launch of Basecamp’s Hey service made me realize how much I love email.


·3 mins
The other day I’ve been looking at a Raspberry Pi 4 that’s been laying around, thinking of what to do with it.

A false sense of security

·3 mins
Marc Andreessen writes about how ill-equipped the United States is to handle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and concludes that it’s due to the fact that the America lost its ability to “build” things, be it medical equipment, infrastructure, or financial mechanisms that’d allow the federal government to support its citizens better.



·1 min
I am slowly beginning to grasp the concept of “walkability.

·1 min
Steven Levy for The Wired: