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100 Kilometres on Gravel

·1 min
Yesterday my wife and I took a longer route than usual, and did a 100 kms over gravel, fire roads, and bike lanes around National Park Veluwezoom and Hoge Veluwe (Arnhem/Ede area).

Thoughts on the Line6 HX Stomp

·6 mins
Some time ago I wrote about my journey from your-perfectly-adequate-2nd-violin player to your-perfectly-mediocre-yet-very-loud electric violin player, and I mentioned that my setup has been evolving.

·1 min
I always admired AgileBits and I’ve been a paying 1Password customer for years.


The LSP Revolution

·3 mins
Remember the days when you had to look for plugins for your editor to support your favourite programming language?

Intel supremacy days are over (it seems)

·2 mins
Hey, remember when you could buy a computer, or a workstation, or a server, that didn’t run on x86, or at least Intel?