Software utilities I cannot live without


  • jq: you don’t need anything else than this to manipulate JSON data. Well perhaps gron if you need to grep through JSON, but for anything else jq does the job.
  • autojump: it’s a utility that learns path patterns in your filesystem. So if you frequently visit a very/nested/directory/with/long/path, all you have to do is j foo where foo is any part of the path name, to “jump” there.
  • fzf: a fast fuzzy finder. I use it with my shell (for browsing command history) and vim (for finding files or, yes, browsing history). I recently realized I rely on fzf to such a degree that I stopped writing down complex commands anywhere, I just enable maximum history size in my shell and fzf takes care of the rest. And yes, it’s that fast.
  • rg/ag: you can use either of those to search for a string in a given directory (recursively). Both utilities are very fast.
  • mc: I’m old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • divvy: of all the “tiling” window management utilities for macOS, I found divvy to best suit my needs because it’s simple and I can assign keyboard shortcuts to position windows on a grid. And it lets you define that grid, with padding and all. Unobtrusive, simple, fast, and just works.™
  • pastebot: the best clipboard manager for macOS.
  • backblaze: not a “utility” per se, but an off-site backup solution that, again, just works. It’s very simple, flat rate, reliable, and it backs up your whole drive and any external drives too, if you wish. They never let me down.
  • timeout: I can’t live without this in times of corona. Normally, you go to a meeting room every now and then during your day, or you go grab a coffee with your colleagues. But working remotely I notice I have a tendency to just sit my ass down for hours, and not move at all. Time Out reminds me to stretch for 15 seconds every 30 minutes, and to get up and walk around the house for 10 minutes every hour. You can of course customize everything in this app.

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I like jazz and cycling.

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