The Four Stages of Staycation


I’m gonna read a book a day. I’m gonna go through SICP (including all the exercises) and Kurt’s new Haskell book. I’m gonna learn how to play bass. I’m gonna buy that wardrobe for the guest room so that we could get rid of the ugly coat hanger there.

Depression & self-loathing

Weather is really shit, I should have and could have gone somewhere nice. COVID-19 situation in Spain cannot be as bad as they say, people travel after all. Can’t get drunk in a pub with Ivan and Félix. SICP is really hard. Haskell tooling sucks. Bass arrived, I tried playing scales; it’s really hard to press those thick strings. I wish I could have a bass with violin strings (wat). Laptev Sea hasn’t frozen and Donald Trump could still stage a comeback (again) (why do I even pay for that subscription). Oh and my homeland is on the verge of a civil war, it seems. I don’t like the novel I’m reading now, it’s very disappointing even though it’s written by one of my favorite authors. And Karolina recommended it to me, it’s all her fault.

Everything sucks.


Ok, so playing bass is actually straightforward if you’ve been playing another stringed instrument for 25 years. Karolina is OK, we play horrific renditions of old Polish rock songs and Audioslave in the evenings; neighbors love us. It’s a lot of fun, butchering good music. I started reading another book, it’s good. I gave up on programming, I code for work so a week away from vim won’t kill me. An oliebollen stand opened in front of our Albert Heijn. I spend loads of time doing nothing, playing TTD and re-watching old House MD episodes.

I became one with the couch.



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