Blogging Again

Manton Reece:

By creating a blog, you’re making a statement that you care about something

I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis for many months now, primarily because I was busy with my PhD, depressed with my PhD, depressed about looking for a job or busy with my new job, but also because I wasn’t really sure there’s a point in having a blog in the first place.

I’ve read Manton Reece’s post about female bloggers’ in the tech community (linked to by Brent Simmons’ post on the subject) and the above quote made me think that I do feel like I have something to say on the subjects I care about, and that I do have the need to put it in writing. I also notice a trend of some of my favorite blogs dying out slowly: Marco Arment’s blog has seen much less activitiy recently, because he prefers podcasting as a medium, and Tikitu de Jager’s blog is also rather inactive.

I’d like to go against the trend and resume blogging, then. I no longer care whether my content is focused on a particular topic or not, as I noticed that blogs which contents reflects the personality of an author are more appealing to me as a reader. This is the true essence of blogging to me, the somewhat personal relationship you can build between the reader and the blogger. I’ll do my best to achieve just that.

 · Munich, Germany