Sony A7 and A7R

Sony announces A7 and A7R

So it finally happened: we have a full-frame mirrorless camera system. I suppose everyone expected it would, but at least I expected this camera would come from Olympus or Fujifilm, and not Sony. Kudos to Sony for making this bold move.

(too bad my trip to Japan is in October and not December)

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  1. I’m quite interested in this and I was about to pull the trigger on a Sony RX1r so this will give me a bit of pause to check it out. I’ll be in NY next week at PhotoExpo so should get some hands on there. The lenses, however, are big and expensive… one might as well buy a 6D and a few Ls! I’m guessing the RX1r will be it for me, with the EVF.

    1. I had an RX1 for a while and felt odd about having such an expensive camera with a fixed 35mm lens, even a great Zeiss. So, I returned it to Amazon in the return period. However, I must say that I loved much about the camera and the images it makes are spectacular. I’ll probably bite again, this time on the newer version sans AA filter.

      I have and love the Ricoh GR and if you’re in the market for a small, large (APS-C) sensor camera with a great fast lens (28mm f/2.8) I highly recommend it. It’s the best compact camera I’ve ever used or had. Incredibly ergonomics and incredible images. I might just skip the RX1r in favor or using it for everything but there are some shots a wide lens isn’t good for, like portraits. 35mm isn’t all that good for them either and frankly, I’d be happy with a 50mm f/1.4 on the RX1r but I think 35 would be acceptable in most situations.

      I hope to get my hands on all of this stuff next week in New York.

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