The Vim Experiment

Today I started my Vim experiment, that is I stopped using Emacs and decided to try using only Vim. I cannot stress enough the experiment and try keywords here, because Vim is so different to me, and I’ve been using Emacs for soo long, that it’s very likely I will abandon the whole thing and go back to Editor MACroS in a couple of days.1

And of course there is a couple of answers to the obvious why?! question.

  1. Because I’m a “hacker” and I like trying new things, and because I want to embrace the uncomfortable.
  2. Because I watched some Vimcasts, and got very, very impressed2 by what you can do if you know Vim. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do all this with Emacs. It probably is, but anyway, see point 1.
  3. Because managing my Emacs configuration has become painful. The new system of package repositories introduced in Emacs 24 is confusing to me, I’m not sure how to use it and from what I can tell not all the packages are using it. With Vim, I can use Pathogen to synchronize my plugins with their git repositories, a solution I find efficient and nice.

So that’s it. These are the reasons. Now let’s see how long will I last in the Vim-land.

  1. Funny thing: I remember that the very first programmer’s editor I ever used was actually Vim. I got convinced to try Emacs in college by my friend Szopa, got impressed by AUCTeX and Preview-mode, and stayed with it ever since. 
  2. I got so impressed that I immediately bought Drew Neil’s book on Vim.

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