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The world is a funny place

So there I was having a lunch at ‘Shanghai Dumpling’ at Taipei 101, when suddenly one of the girls sitting at the table next to mine said: ‘Hey, you’re welcome to eat our dumplings if you want to, because they’re too sweet for us, and we’re quite full anyways’. ‘Thanks!’, I quickly replied, because no one needs to sell me on eating more dumplings, especially if they’re sweet. We started talking about what I’m doing in Taipei, and then it turned out they were Japanese. But there’s noting unusual in meeting two Japanese girls in Taiwan. What’s unusual is to discover one of them speaks a bit of Polish, because she used to study some bit of contemporary European literature, particularly Gombrowicz, and that made her sign up for a Polish language course (of course she didn’t last long, but still).

The world really is a funny place.