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Sallandse Heuvelrug I’m starting a new series of posts where I’m gonna highlight my favorite gravel routes in The Netherlands. Today, it’s Sallandse Heuvelrug, a great Nov 12, 2022 Cycling & Gravel in the Netherlands
Sallandse Heuvelrug Nov 12, 2022 Cycling & Gravel in the Netherlands I’m starting a new series of posts where I’m gonna highlight my favorite gravel routes in The Netherlands. Today, it’s Sallandse Heuvelrug, a great Mirador de Es Colomer Sep 1, 2022 Travels & 🇪🇸 What’s it like to travel with an EV in Europe in 2022 Jul 6, 2022 Cars & EV & Personal tl;dr: It’s easier than you think. A few weeks ago I decided to take a short trip from The Netherlands to France. It was a Tuesday evening, and I Apple Music’s Killer Feature Jul 4, 2022 Apple & Music I’ve been testing Apple Music recently and I discovered that it still supports uploading local files to iCloud Music Library. The interface of Music Murbach Jun 25, 2022 Travels & 🇫🇷 100 Kilometres on Gravel Sep 26, 2021 Cycling & Gravel in the Netherlands Yesterday Karolina and I took a longer route than usual, and did a 100 kms over gravel, fire roads, and bike lanes around National Park Veluwezoom The Deceptive PR Behind Apple’s “Expanded Protections for Children” Aug 12, 2021 Apple & iPhone & Privacy & Technology My wife is pretty tech-savvy. While not a software engineer and not a computer scientist, she has a good understanding of computing technologies, Thoughts on the Line6 HX Stomp May 24, 2021 Music & Gear Some time ago I wrote about my journey from your-perfectly-adequate-2nd-violin player to your-perfectly-mediocre-yet-very-loud electric violin New Year’s Day cycling Jan 1, 2021 Cycling The LSP Revolution Nov 19, 2020 Software Engineering & VS Code & Vim Remember the days when you had to look for plugins for your editor to support your favourite programming language? Or even the language that isn’t Bargaining with my left-wing indulgence Nov 17, 2020 Cars & Society Yesterday I read Rutger Bregman’s excellent opinion piece in The Correspondent, and today is Tuesday. Tuesday, in my household, is the recycling The Four Stages of Staycation Nov 1, 2020 COVID-19 & Personal I’m gonna read a book a day. I’m gonna go through SICP (including all the exercises) and Kurt’s new Haskell book. I’m gonna learn how to play bass. How not to interview software engineers Oct 30, 2020 Software Engineering Don’t ask them to do an overly time-consuming assignment, unless you’re going to pay them. If they need to spend more than a couple of hours and you “Twilight of Democracy” Oct 2, 2020 Books & Politics Here’s what’s good about Anne Applebaum’s new book: it’s anecdotal in all the right places. This is a book that attempts to explain the VS Code Sep 26, 2020 Software Engineering & VS Code The best, most entertaining and immortal topic in software engineering is back! Editor Wars! After reading Roben Kleene’s blog post I realized that Schynige Platte Aug 12, 2020 Travels & 🇨🇭 We should cherish email Jun 21, 2020 Email & Internet & Technology Recent launch of Basecamp’s Hey service made me realize how much I love email. Their pitch is actually on point: Email gets a bad rap, but it 2020 Core i5 Apple Macbook Air Detailed Review May 24, 2020 Apple & Macbook It’s brilliant. Ok fine, let’s do a small Q&A no one asked for. Doesn’t it get a bit hot and noisy under load? It does, but it rarely happens. Non-classical music playing guide for classically trained musicians May 16, 2020 Music & Violin I went to music school as a kid. Ages 7 to 13 I studied classical violin and basics of music theory. I played in duos, trios, and orchestras. Even Over-tinkering May 11, 2020 Technology The other day I’ve been looking at a Raspberry Pi 4 that’s been laying around, thinking of what to do with it. I quickly googled around how to setup
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